Canna-Buddy Drops

Now with a coconut oil base and 210 mg of Hemp Extract per bottle, this little tincture is your perfect go-to for a daily serving of Cannabis extract. We use a CO2 extracted Cannabis oil to provide your pup with a full range of CBDs and terpenes.

Catnnabis Drops

A new cat friendly formula!

We use ethanol extracted hemp oil to ensure you cat doesn't ingest limonene, a terpene known to be toxic to cats. This Cannabis oil extract is mixed with salmon oil for that extra fishy appeal. Each bottle contains 120 mg of Hemp Extract.

Chewy Biscuit Delights

Vet approved ingredients and pet approved flavor! Each treat contains just over 2 mg of cannabidiol, making it ideal for small dogs and pups who would benefit from Cannabis oil occasionally. If your pup hates car rides, new visitors, or fireworks, try a serving of the Chewy Biscuit Delight (CBD) treats.

Crunchy Biscuit Delights

These new treats are nothing short of AMAZING! They are made with organic peanut butter and apple sauce, so your pups are sure to love the taste. These treats are so natural that you could sneak a bite, guilt-free!

Soothing Oil

We combined the already powerful effects of CBD with verified pure essential oils. When used in a safe dilution, essential oils can be incredibly beneficial for your pet. Check out our new blends!