Our Salish Balm is made with powerful untamable women in mind.  For the full time mother, gym goer, and adventurer. It contains peppermint and grapefruit essential oils for a sweet and fresh scent. The peppermint is added to aide in pain relief and inflammation. Grapefruit essential oil may aid in stress relief and is considered a natural energizer and mood enhancer.

Our Zia Rub is a pain balm for minor aches and pains. This is a great balm that contains spearmint essential oil, which may help aid with stress and inflammation.

Both balms contain organic cayenne pepper. Studies have shown when used as a topical analgesic, cayenne can temporarily relieve pain due to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, psoriasis, shingles and diabetic neuropathy. Cayenne pepper is an irritant and should be kept away from open wounds, eyes and mouth.

The final and most important ingredient is the oil cannabis extract. Cannabis as a topical can be used help aid with pain, inflammation and skin irritation.