So, you're drugging animals!?

NO. Absolutely not. We love animals and want to ensure they are living their best life with you, their human companion. CBD is not a drug and it will not harm your animal. CBD has countless benefits for your pet. CBD binds to receptors in the endocannabinoid system (found in humans and animals) to prevent other stimulants from binding to those receptors. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-anxiety properties and there is evidence that it can even STOP cancer cell growth.

Are your Chewy Biscuit Delight treats organic?

The treats are all natural. They are made with CBD from top tier quality hemp. The tincture is also made with a top tier quality hemp and mixed with an organic coconut oil base.

What is in the Chewy Biscuit Delight treats?

They are made with CBD, all natural chicken base, brewers yeast, potato flour and natural bacon flavor. There are natural preservatives to ensure lasting freshness.

Is this legal?

Yes! Hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states. Since our CBD is sourced from hemp grown with intent of being ingested the THC content of our tincture is under 1%, while our treats are THC free.

Can I use the CBD tincture for myself?

The tincture is formulated for animal weight, and we do not recommend using it for yourself without consulting your doctor.

Where is your hemp sourced from?

It is grown in Oregon! We love the PNW! We make sure we know and trust our growers and their organic process. There's cheap, dangerous hemp being flown in from China and we don't want any part of that! If we don't know who grew it, we don't trust how they grew it.

Do you make the Chewy Biscuit Delight treats yourselves?

We do not make the treats, we found a fantastic manufacturer who is able to provide treats to us based off of specifications of what we wanted. We do make our CBD oil in-house, and if you have a particularly large or small dog we are able to provide custom formulations based off their weight.

I have a very small dog. Are the oil or treats safe for me to give him/her?

Yes, we suggest giving them a smaller serving size. The treats can be cut into thirds for a 10-15 lb dog, or half for a dog 15-25 lbs. There are measurements on the tincture pipette that allows you to measure a smaller portion as well. For a small dog, 0.25 to 0.5 mL is recommended. We suggest starting with a low dose and increasing slowly. We strongly recommend consulting your vet before introducing a new supplement into your pet's diet, especially if they are on pharmaceutical drugs, to ensure there won't be any adverse reactions.

Can this help my aggressive pet?

This is a tricky question. Animals have personalities just like we do, and you know your baby better than anyone. If your dog or cat is aggressive in situations where they are stressed out, then there is a possibility that by treating their anxiety, the aggressive behavior will decrease. The same can be said for animals in pain or discomfort. However, some animals are more prone to certain behaviors. For example: my cat scratches our couch when he is upset by something, such as having new visitors over or me vacuuming the house. I give him CBD daily, and now our couch goes days without being attacked. That being said, the CBD has had zero noticeable influence on his regular personality of being a jerk towards the dog. He still likes to pick on our pup, it's just part of who he is.

Will this help my hyperactive pet?

No, CBD is not a sedative. Again, this goes back to personality vs situation, a hyper dog could be that way by his/her nature or because they have pent up energy. If your dog's stress response is to run in circles in the yard, then trying CBD could certainly result in a change of behavior. If your dog runs in circles because they're bored or because they enjoy it then you have yourself a pup with a high energy personality.

Can I give the dog treats to my cat?

Yes. Even though these treats were made with dogs in mind, they are completely safe for your cat.

 What’s your return policy?

Return any of our products--no questions asked--within 30 days of purchase. We even pay return shipping.

Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries in the U.S. and Canada.

Do you have customer service?

Call or text either of us with your questions, concerns or thoughts! You can call or text Isaac at (720) 799-5538 or Kourtney at (209) 209-0345. Email us at