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Our Vision

We believe that hemp has drastically improved our quality of life and we want to share our experience with you. Hemp is not a “miracle drug” or a “magical cure” by any means, but this once taboo plant has powerful cannabinoids and terpenes that can be beneficial to ingest and use topically. Seeing our loved ones have the smallest amount of relief from pain, distress or discomfort was all the reassurance we needed that hemp, in combination with other plant based ingredients, is worth trying.

We give our own products to our dog and cat daily to elevate their quality of life. Our pet treats and tinctures represent our dedication to providing a healthy and happy life for our fur babies, a life we know you would want for your pets as well.

Our products are 100% safe for your family and your pets, we wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t! This is our labor of love, our small contribution, to give back to our community. We hope you and your pets experience the same trans-formative and positive effects we have by introducing hemp oil into your lives.


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Cannabis has two subspecies: hemp and marijuana. The two primary cannabinoid compounds of hemp and marijuana are cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hemp contains a higher percentage of CBD, which is the non-psychoactive compound that has anti-anxiety, antibacterial, antispasmodic, and antipsychotic properties. The THC in marijuana is known to be toxic to animals, getting a dog or cat stoned is both dangerous and unkind. Using hemp oil is a much safer alternative with much of the same benefits. Hemp and cannabinoid studies have been on the rise as the popularity and legality of hemp sweeps the US. Hemp oil that is high in CBD (and other cannabinoids) and low in THC is being revealed to be hugely beneficial for over stimulated humans and animals. Cannabinoids work within our endocannabinoid system to decrease the number of receptors available to receive stimulation- whether that stimulation is stress, pain, anxiety depends on the person, animal and situation.

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How can hemp oil help you and your pet?

Pain and Inflammation: Cannabinoid compounds link to receptors in the nervous system and help to control chronic and acute pain signals being sent throughout the body. Not only is this thought to relieve pain, but also to result in decreased inflammation.

Nausea and Vomiting: In humans, CBD has been approved for use when traditional anti-nausea meds fail. Cannabinoids are created naturally within humans and animals, so supplementing yours or your pets’ diet with the body’s natural supply of cannabinoids to work longer and more effectively at controlling vomiting.

Lack of Appetite: Ever heard of “the munchies”? The effects of THC on hunger have long been talked about, and even commonly joked about in popular media. Studies are being done on rats to understand how cannabinoids are the controlling force behind THC hunger impulses. It may have something to do with the way cannabinoids interact with dopamine and opioid pathways in the brain, helping to make eating more enjoyable.

Cancer Control: There are more cannabinoid receptors found in cancer cells, giving cannabinoid compounds more places to link with the receptors. Studies show that when these receptors are filled, there is less cancer cell growth and can even lead to cancer cell death.

Muscle Spasms and Seizures: Cannabinoid compounds link to receptors in the nervous system and help to control signals being sent throughout the body. Not only does this help with pain, as we’ve already talked about, but also with the relaxation of muscles

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